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August 20, 2021

What is Bendo?

We are a startup that generates demand for overstock merchandise by tapping into the power of commerce between individuals. Bendo makes it easy for anyone to earn an income by selling products to their network. Individuals set up their online store in less than five minutes and enjoy free access to inventory, logistics, and tech. Retail brands that work with Bendo solve their overstock problems by taking advantage of push marketing and social commerce.


Why Bendo?

We are on a mission to enable anyone willing to make an effort to become an entrepreneur without running a financial risk. We bring solutions to people that have dreamed with starting their own business, but don't have the capital to do so. Joining Bendo will make you part of a team that has launched startup products internationally and doing so now will give you extra growth opportunities as you will experience our journey since the earliest stages.


Why a Tech Lead?

Bendo needs the best engineers to beat out the competition. At this stage we are looking for talent that can roll up their sleeves and hack our way into finding product-market fit. As our first internal tech hire we expect you to become the leader of what will be an ever-growing tech team. To successfully grow into the position we will arm you with external training and internal  guidance. There is no limit to how much you can achieve at Bendo.


What would I do at Bendo?

  • Lead the transition from outsourced to internal tech
  • Write front-end and back-end code until the team grows
  • Develop and document standards and procedures
  • Recruit top engineers to expand our team
  • Design the architecture to scale our product
  • Take data-driven decisions to define our roadmap

Job requirements

What makes me an ideal candidate?

  • I have 2-5 years of experience as a full-stack / mobile engineer.
  • I feel comfortable taking ownership to ensure solutions at a micro and high level.
  • I am a self-starter who’s always willing to learn new things and push boundaries proactively.
  • I have exceptional written and verbal communication skills;
  • I have strong technical abilities in most of the following:
  • Django Rest Framework (or Python)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular 10 (or Vue JS)
  • React Native (or ReactJS)
  • AWS
  • Firebase
  • DevOps
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