Ops & Fulfillment Intern

Job description

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December 21, 2021

What is Bendo?

We are a startup that generates demand for overstock merchandise by tapping into the power of commerce between individuals. Bendo makes it easy for anyone to earn an income by selling products to their network. Individuals set up their online store in less than five minutes and enjoy free access to inventory, logistics, and tech. Retail brands that work with Bendo solve their overstock problems by taking advantage of push marketing and social commerce.

Why Bendo?

We are on a mission to enable anyone willing to make an effort to become an entrepreneur without running a financial risk. We bring solutions to people that have dreamed of starting their own business but don't have the capital to do so. Joining Bendo will make you part of a team that has launched startup products internationally and doing so now will give you extra growth opportunities as you will experience our journey from the earliest stages.


Your main goal is to maximize order completion rate. To do so, we’ve mapped out some of the key initiatives you will be responsible for executing:

  • Track important metrics like: On time delivery rate, Payment method distribution, Avg shipping label cost, Avg delivery time…
  • Coordinate forward and reverse logistics protocols with our suppliers to improve our customer’s experience. 
  • Develop and oversee a smooth supplier onboarding process to maximize correct product information.
  • Lead the relationship with our shipping label providers. Handle exception tickets with them and keep track of their increasing delivery coverage. 
  • Develop and oversee communication protocols for the 3 sides of our marketplace: suppliers, resellers, and customers.
  • Track payments with shipping partners and suppliers.
  • Analyze our different stakeholders (carriers, suppliers, resellers) performance and propose new initiatives to improve the overall fulfillment experience.

Job requirements

What makes me an ideal candidate?

  • I’m a 3th - 4th year college student pursuing a degree in the fields of engineering, data analysis, business or similar.
  • I can dedicate 25+ hours a week to the position.
  • I am an advanced Excel user: I know how to manipulate and calculate data and I know how to use pivot tables. (Knowledge on any of the the following tools is a big plus: Google Data Studio, PowerBI, SQL, PostgreSQL )
  • I feel comfortable taking ownership to ensure solutions at a micro and high level.
  • I have a hustler mentality...
  • I’m ambitious - I’m intolerant to the status quo and continuously driven to be better. I move fast and break things and consider myself to be very hands-on and self-motivated.
  • I’m persistent - I actively do whatever it takes to make things happen.
  • I’m curious - I’m always learning new things and asking questions about the status quo.
  • I’m an effective communicator - I’m able to adapt and lead in any situation. I am a master of building relationships, networking and self-promotion.
  • I love the Hustle - I love the hustle and I’m continually learning to be more effective with what I love.
  • I’m resourceful - I love solving problems. I’m always thinking about how to solve people's problems in return for a reciprocated value.
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